Warner Bros’ Park Row

Yes, you read that correctly, Warner Bros. has teamed up with Wonderland Restaurants to give us a Gotham City, Batman-themed immersive dining experience. The five-zone restaurant includes a speakeasy, an Iceberg Lounge with live entertainment, and a grand theatre with 360-degree projection mapping and a multi-sensory tasting menu. Magician Chris Cox is to make an appearance as well. We. Cannot. Wait.

Kebab on a double-decker

If you’re into eating kebabs on public transport, you’re in luck. Because now you can do so without the glaring looks of fellow passengers. Last Stop Kebab is a kebab restaurant inside a double-decker bus in Edmonton, North London.

The owner, Firat Amara, bought the bus back in December and spent two months fitting it out to seat as many as 40 customers. He and his colleagues also made space for some tables, chairs, a tiny kitchen, and the doner kebab machine. Firat gets his gas, electricity, and water from the supermarket next door that he part-owns.

The innovative restaurant has been very popular on social media and it’s become somewhat of a destination that people travel to from all over London. Residents and employees of North Middlesex hospital are also benefitting from the new restaurant addition since the closest one used to be no less than a 20-minute walk away.

More South-African in London

South African-inspired Kudu in Peckham is expanding, but still within their ‘hood. Smokey Kudu, a 37-cover cocktail bar, has already launched. Feast on cocktail creations that include rooibos, Amarula and South African brandy. Little Kudu is due to open in March. It will be more informal than big Kudu, with bar stools, high tops of four, tapas-style food and wine.

The fish and chips debate

The reaction of one man to Grace Dent’s review of a chippy in Penrith caused quite the stir this week. He claimed that anyone would be mad to eat the batter of a fish and chips meal because its only purpose is to protect the fish during frying. We’re not sure what the right answer is but we haven’t entirely dismissed the possibility. In the early days, the batter might well have acted as a preservative only to be thrown away.

Restaurant takeaway is UK’s fastest-growing sector

We hate to say it – we love a good social get-together or a nice home-cooked meal – but the restaurant takeaway sector in the UK is the fastest-growing one yet. NPD Group’s report shows an increase in UK food deliveries of 39% in the past three years. In another study, 28% of consumers in the UK ordered more meal deliveries than in the previous year. Food delivery businesses such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo are really having their moment. The click-and-collect strategy many restaurants have adopted is also proving to be very profitable.

Rave reviews for Mei Mei

The counter café under a railway arch at Borough Market offers traditional Singapore food and dreamy Hainanese chicken rice. The food is the star at this eatery. Tim Hayward describes Mei Mei’s Kaya toast as “flat-out, howl-at-the-moon filthy good.” Jimi Famurewa mentions the “small, smiley team of chefs.” And for Ibrahim Salha it’s the fried chicken cutlet he can’t stop thinking about. After such descriptions, we can’t stop thinking about Mei Mei either. We know what we’ll be having this week.