Dominique Ansel Treehouse

Dominique Ansel fans rejoice because the Cronut inventor is opening a new London bakery and bistro in Covent Garden on 7th February. You won’t find Cronuts there, but expect puff pastry, shortcrusts for savoury pies, and handmade bonbon-shaped caramel pasta. Oh and a sourdough made from an 8-year old starter culture hailing from the Cronut place of origin itself: New York.


In other news, much talked about zero-waste restaurant Silo in Hackney received a visit from hip hop star Loyle Carner as part of a school trip he organised. Yes, it’s true, he runs a cookery school called Chilli Con Carner for children with ADHD. Denounced by The Guardian food critic Grace Dent, but lauded by The Times food critic Marina O’Loughlin, Silo is dividing opinions. We think Silo’s approach of involving customers in the zero waste process by gently educating them about it is admirable. If done in the right way, learning about food can make it more enjoyable and not less, contrary to what Dent seems to suggest.

Officina 00

Officina 00 in Shoreditch has started offering pasta making masterclasses. The restaurant, the name of which references the fine-milled double-zero flour that is used to make the ravioli, corzetti, etc., prides itself on the freshness and exceptional quality of its pasta – in all its shapes and forms. Watch them at work, or learn the secrets of Officina 00’s recipes during one of their two to three-hour workshops.

Kitgum Kitchen

Meanwhile, East African-Indian inspired pop-up Kitgum Kitchen is seeking investment on Kickstarter for its debut restaurant in Brighton. The concept was created by Fayaz Amlani and his partner Susie Bates. Amlani’s parents were born in Uganda to Gujarati migrants, which makes his childhood food a fascinating fusion between two very different cultures. Rolex will be one of the restaurant’s specialties – a chapatti wrapped around a thin omelette, with spiced potato, pickled carrots, and tamarind.

Lost Society Putney

In southwest London’s Putney, bar Lost Society Putney is due to open in February this year. Expect industrial glam with a healthy amount of botanicals. An open-plan seating area includes velvet furniture and the menu will consist of a selection of craft beer, in-house cocktails, and food.